Meet Cosun

Cosun’s objective is to excel in the creation of value from organic raw materials for the benefit of its customers, growers and staff. Our goal is to make optimal use of the crops while respecting the environment. By working with others, we learn through doing and continuously strive to do better. Together, we add lasting value to the agricultural supply chain and strengthen the continuity of arable farming in the Netherlands, the Cosun business groups and society. We encourage our staff to get the best out of themselves in a pleasant and safe working environment.

Cosun is the link between organic raw materials and end products (both bulk and specific) in many markets. Our core activity is the large-scale biorefinery of vegetable raw materials (biomass) to extract as much of the high value ingredients as we can. We make use of everything we extract and attempt to close value cycles wherever we can. Our commitment and contribution extend to the very start of the supply chain, where we advise and support our growers. A sophisticated logistics operation delivers the biomass to our factories for processing. Our focus on innovation embraces both product development and the sustainability of processes.

We produce a wide range of ingredients and intermediate products from vegetable raw materials such as sugar beet, potatoes, chicory, fruit and vegetables for the international food industry. We also make products that are sold to consumers through the foodservice (out-of-home and wholesale outlets) and retail channels. We are increasingly developing ingredients for non-food applications. We supply products to the animal feed sector, develop building blocks for biobased chemicals and produce bio-energy (green gas).

Of all the business groups that make up Cosun, Suiker Unie and Aviko are the most widely known. They have traditionally produced sugar and potato specialities respectively. Sensus produces inulin from chicory. Inulin is a dietary fibre that reduces the sugar and fat content of foodstuffs. SVZ processes fruit and vegetables into concentrates and purees for the food industry. Duynie is a trader and distributor of animal feed and develops advanced applications based on residual flows and co-products from the food industry.

Our strategy is geared to profitable growth through the sustainable processing of vegetable raw materials into food, feed, non-food products and ingredients, and sustainable energy. In doing so, we contribute to the continuity of arable farming in the Netherlands, to the Cosun business groups and to society at large by creating a variety of products, with foodstuffs at the forefront.
We consider Europe to be our home market but spread our wings as far as America and China. Profitable growth is a means to create value. We have prioritised organic growth in our core activities in order to retain and where possible increase our market share and grow through the innovation of processes, new ingredients and new biobased markets.