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Key figures HRM 2018

Cosun’s success is largely down to our staff. Well-educated and highly-motivated people work hard every day to play their part and deliver a good product. As an employer, we recognise our responsibility for a safe workplace, for keeping the staff’s know-how and expertise up to date and for helping them constantly develop.

By offering work placements and apprenticeships in our business groups and research departments, we give young people an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience. This is in keeping with our social responsibility as a group of innovative production businesses and it puts us into contact with young talents who have the potential to join us when they complete their studies.

More than 4,000 men and women work for Cosun worldwide. Not all of them work full time. To measure and monitor changes in the workforce, the number of employees is converted into fulltime equivalents (FTEs). In 2018, the staff carried out the equivalent of 3,848 fulltime jobs on average. This figure does not include temporary appointments and agency staff.

Employees by region

Cosun is an European group: about 90% of all our staff work in Europe.
Aviko is the largest employer within the group, accounting for more than half of all employees. Suiker Unie follows with a fifth of the total.

Employees by business group

Cosun offers its employees a safe workplace and educational and development opportunities. A good atmosphere at work is also important for staff wellbeing and performance.

Safety at work is paramount. The number of occupational accidents has been trending downwards in recent years. Cosun will take further measures to consolidate this trend. The safety platform shares practical experiences and opportunities for improvement with all the staff. Detailed analyses of hazardous situations, near-accidents and incidents are carried out to improve the workplace and staff conduct.

Sickness absenteeism has increased fractionally since 2013 despite the proactive absenteeism policy. At 4.2%, however, it is still more than half a percentage point below the industry average, as calculated by Statistics Netherlands (2016: 4.8%).

Cosun offers work placements to young people so that they can gain relevant on-the-job experience. The trainees are supervised and coached by experienced members of staff. This is obviously time consuming but it is not without its rewards. Young people bring the latest insights and extra capacity to Cosun and enthuse the organisation with their dynamism.


Cosun offered more than 170 young people (2017: 140) a work placement or graduation project in the Netherlands in 2018: 100 university students and 73 vocational students. As a socially engaged business, Cosun offers placements so thatyoung people can gain relevant work experience. Experienced members of staff act as supervisors and coaches. This costs time, of course, but it is not without results. Young people provide new insights and extra capacity and increase the dynamism within the organisation.