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Corporate social responsibility

A business meets the needs of its customers and creates value for a wide range of stakeholders. We create value by buying raw materials for our factories and processing them efficiently into high quality products. Cosun is responsible for everything that happens in our business groups: how safely the work is carried out and how we work with our raw materials, energy and water, and we are just as responsible for how our raw materials are grown and the inconvenience we cause to people living near our factories.

The pie chart shows how Cosun created value in 2017 and what it did with it. We pay the members for the beet they grow, the staff for the work they perform and we pay taxes to the government. Some of the profit for the year is invested in the further growth and development of the group itself. In addition to creating value for our stakeholders – with the members of the cooperative in first place – we concentrate our efforts on those areas in which we can and want to bring our influence to bear:

  • optimising the crop and helping growers and the environment;
  • optimising production processes with respect for our raw materials and the environment;
  • investing in staff skills and a safe workplace, taking account of the interests of other stakeholders.

Companies that buy products from Cosun set themselves ambitious sustainability goals that can only be realised if their suppliers also play their part. All our business groups are actively making the supply chains more sustainable by investing in research, innovation, practical improvements, and knowledge sharing. A raft of registration systems and benchmarks has been developed by both Cosun and external organisations to monitor their progress.




When processing vegetable raw materials, care for the environment often boils down to waste prevention. We want to make maximum use of raw materials and processing aids, energy, water and residual matter. Wherever possible, we limit our emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, odours and noise, and we take a critical approach to road safety around our sites.


Cosun’s success is largely down to our staff. Well-educated and highly-motivated people work hard every day to play their part and deliver a good product. As an employer, we recognise our responsibility for a safe workplace, for keeping the staff’s know-how and expertise up to date and for helping them constantly develop.
By offering work placements and apprenticeships in our business groups and research departments, we give young people an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience. This is in keeping with our social responsibility as a group of innovative production businesses and it puts us into contact with young talents who have the potential to join us when they complete their studies.
Cosun operates more than 30 production facilities in the Netherlands and abroad. The large-scale industrial processes sometimes create a nuisance for local residents. We keep on friendly terms with our neighbours in order to identify issues at an early stage and to take measures to minimise any inconvenience.